Singh Meadow's Compost

April 12, 2017

Our garden is under way, but first we needed some more compost.  The best place to get good, organic compost in Phoenix?  Hands down, Singh Meadows or Singh Farms.  



Not only do they have great compost that our plants and flowers adore,  the new Singh Meadows is a great way to spend a morning and feel like you left Phoenix for just a minute.  




A few years ago, my daughters did a semester in South Africa in the Cape Town area.  We were in a town called Stellenbosch, that is known for its wineries and unmatched fresh foods and produce.  Life in Stellenbosch was a foodies dream.  It seemed like on every corner there was a quaint little farm with a cafe attached.  The food was amazingly fresh and beautifully presented.  Singh Meadows feels like the closest things to this vibe here in Phoenix that we've found.  A


place where families can hang out, pet the goats, eat great food, have an offbeat conversation with Ken Singh if you're lucky - and fill up a basket of the most incredible produce!  


This property was a golf course a few years ago and Ken is rehabilitating the land and bringing back its fertility.  There are so many different ways of gardening and styles and theories out there- but the one thing that can never be argued with is results.  And boy, these veggies speak for themselves!  They are gorgeous.  This man knows how to grow veg. 


Some of our treasures that we loaded up on. Just look at that gorgeous radish on the avocado bread.  And the color of those beats!  




And of course our compost that will feed our veggies in our school garden until we can generate our own compost on site.  

 The veggies back at the school absolutely thrive on this stuff!  Makes for some very happy plants.  









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