Q & A

Will play-based learning prepare my child for Kindergarten?

Yes.  Because we put the majority of our focus on brain development, we are confident that a typically developed child will have all the skills needed for Kindergarten.  The neural pathways will be prepared and primed for sequential learning like reading and math.   



Is your program academic?

Yes and no.  According to Webster's, academics can refer to 'higher learning' or it can also mean 'having no practical or useful significance. ' We are very focused on building strong, healthy brains here.  The greatest amount of brain activity happens during imaginative play, so in that sense yes, we are a strong academic program.  


If on the other hand, you are wondering if we do worksheets and have lessons attempting to teach children shapes and colors each week, well, honestly that falls squarely in the category of 'having no practical or useful significance.'    We have never met a 4 year old that needs to be taught their colors, nor a 4 year old that has found benefit from being taught geometry in the form of shapes.  Knowing the names of shapes has absolutely no practical use for a preschooler.   We are interested in innovation, play, creativity and building healthy bodies and relationships here.  




A Nature-based preschool program that combines Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia & Charlotte Mason methods.

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