We request the child come in clothing that is:

  • Soft, comfortable and made of natural, breathable fibers

  • Can get dirty

  • Can be easily managed by the child during toileting - stiff jeans with difficult zippers and snaps are discouraged.  We want children to feel confident & competent as they build their autonomy.

  • Shoes that children can take on and off themselves- children remove outdoor shoes and put on slippers for indoors

  • Rubber soled outdoor shoes that they can remove and put on themselves.  Velcro closures or toggles work very well

  • Rain boots are required for mud play outdoors

  • Clothing that is logo, licensed character and marketing free.  We want your child to be seen rather than the marketing message on their shirt.  Our school is a media/marketing free zone.  Children are bombarded with marketing images everywhere they go and our school is a bit of a rest from all the visual noise.

  • Clothing that is weather appropriate.  The following guidelines can be helpful:

    • Under 75- sweater or sweatshirt

    • Under 65- Long pants, tights or leggings and a tucked in shirt with sweater or sweatshirt with hat or hood.

    • Under 55 - Coat, warm hat that covers the ears and gloves.  Three layers- under shirt that is tucked in, pullover and coat.

    • Sunhat on sunny days.



A Nature-based preschool program that combines Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia & Charlotte Mason methods.

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